Protection From The Core

The Ultimate Protector

Core’s Ballistic Tempered Glass mobile phone screen protector ensures maximum protection for your iPhone or Android device.

Utilising our unique chemical processed glass technology, this slimline 0.3mm HD clear real glass protector offers superb viewing clarity making the most of your HD display.

Engineered from a multi-layer composite glass, this premium Core Glass comes equipped with a hydrophobic & oleophobic screen coating protecting from fingerprints and marks for optimum screen definition.

Currently available for Apple & Samsung devices

Putting Core To The Test


Applied in seconds, no loss of screen functions, hardly visible. Have used for all phones within the family. No issues

Manjit, Amazon, iPhone 6 Plus

Received my Core screen protector today, the packaging is amazing, protected very very well, has wet and dry wipes with it to clean my phone, I was unsure of how to fit it but luckily they have a instruction card with it, so I followed the instructions and had a perfect bubble free application! Would definitely recommend! I have tried to scratch it and I can't, dropped it out of my car earlier and didn't even mark it! Very should protector! Definitely worth the price! Extremely happy!

Ben, Amazon, iPhone 6

Excellent product and easy to apply. Reasonably priced.

Tommy, Amazon, iPhone 6

Had this screen protector a while, just dropped my phone onto a big thick ceramic soup bowl.. cracked the protector and saved the screen.. very happy.. Have already ordered a new one.. Didn't realise their was a lifetime warranty.. hmm not going to bother.. it did its job !! Ps when I peeled of the cracked protector My screen was perfect

Tapping, Amazon, iPhone 6